Tips for Managing Your Grease Traps and Interceptors

Tips for Managing Your Grease Traps and Interceptors

If you are a restaurant or other business that utilizes grease traps and interceptors as part of your facility’s sewer system, keeping them functioning correctly is essential. Not only will proper maintenance ensure your operation runs smoothly, but it’s also critical to ensure you comply with local regulations. The following tips for maintaining your grease traps and interceptors will go a long way and help alleviate any headaches and extend the life of these units.

1 – Have your trap/interceptor serviced on a regular and ongoing basis.

There is a misconception that twice yearly cleaning of your grease trap/interceptor once or twice yearly. Depending upon local municipal requirements, this misconception can lead to downtime, penalties, and fines. In most areas, food service establishments are required to have their interceptors/traps maintained every 90 days at a minimum. Call us today, and we can set you up on a regular maintenance program to avoid this.

2 – Have your lines jetted twice per year.

The most effective method of cleaning lines is hot hydrojetting. Pipe cleaning is the most crucial part of preventive maintenance for your trap/interceptor. During the process, a hose with powerful jets is inserted into the external plumbing, and water is forced out at very high pressure, utilizing a circular motion. This process is the most effective for removing built-up grease from the pipe walls.

3 – Make sure your trap/interceptor is secure.

Grease trap/interceptor lids should be constructed of sturdy material and properly fastened with a locking mechanism to ensure outside infiltration into the system does not occur. During our visits, we inspect the lid to ensure it has not developed any issues, such as cracks or broken connectors.

4 – Hire a professional.

The best course of action to ensure total compliance is hiring a professional to tackle your grease trap/interceptor maintenance. A professional will have the right equipment and know how to ensure each cleaning and inspection is done correctly. In the end, their attention to detail will save you time and money!

AJ McDonald, Inc. has been in business since 1941 and has established itself as a trusted professional. Regarding your grease trap/interceptor cleaning, we take great care not to contaminate the kitchen when you have under-sink interceptors. We even take the extra step of applying a deodorizer when done. Our goal is always to complete the job with virtually no interference to your business. So contact us today and get on our regular maintenance plan and find out why so many trust AJ McDonald, Inc.