The Advantages of Hot Hydrojetting

The Advantages of Hot Hydrojetting

While every restaurant may be a little different, there are a few pieces of equipment they all have in common. These include grease traps and interceptors. It is extremely important that you consistently maintain these to ensure your sewer system is operating properly. There are several ways to go about this, but the best is to have a professional come in and use hot water hydrojetting to complete the task.

How Does a Hydrojetter Work?

High-pressure, hot-water jetters work by inserting the nozzle of the jetter into the system via an access point. By combining hot water and high pressure you end up with a process that does a fantastic job of removing build-up in the pipes that can cause blockages.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike old-fashioned snake-style cleaners that break up debris only leaving it behind to re-clog later, hydrojetting removes debris entirely and safely. Using hot water to break up debris ensures no harmful chemicals are going down the drain and making their way to the water treatment facility. Hot Hydrojetting takes grease trap and interceptor cleaning to a whole new level of efficiency and safety.

Highly Effective

High-pressure hydrojetting with hot water is by far more effective than many other commonly used cleaning methods. It penetrates deeper into built-up debris, allowing it to break it up and flush it away permanently. Clogs don’t stand a chance with hot hydrojetting. Also, this method is safe on pipes. Whereas when using older cable machines, pipes can be damaged from the aggressive nature of the cable during the cleaning process. Traditional cable methods also tend to leave debris behind. High-pressure hot water jetters clear blockages extremely well and push the remaining debris into the main sewer line to ensure there are no future blockages from debris left behind.

Advantages of Hot Water

One of the last things you want to face are clogged drains and plugged grease traps in your commercial restaurant business. AJ McDonald Company can help you keep your kitchen running smoothly. Jetting with hot water has proven time after time to clean pipes better and more efficiently. It’s why, we, unlike others, invested in a hot water jetter to provide you with superior results. At AJ McDonald Company, Inc, we can help you realize the advantages of hot hydrojetting on your restaurant grease traps and interceptors. Contact us today and see the difference for yourself!